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“Gone, but not forgotten”….a phrase so commonly used when reminiscing or paying tribute to friends, family, and celebrities we’ve lost. But, does this statement always hold true or have we become so used to saying it because we don’t know how to really sum up the lives of those now lost or express our true feelings about them being gone?

Every music lover, fan, and industry mate would agree that Aaliyah is “gone, but not forgotten”, but is that it? What does “not forgotten” really mean?

Well, to MUA “not forgotten” means never starting a conversation such as, “If Aaliyah were still living, there would be no….” because to us her music still lives on and has a sound unwarranted of comparison to artists who developed after her time. The phrase also means that taking one day to celebrate her life and her music shouldn’t be enough when songs such as “How Could The One I Gave My Heart”, “I Don’t Wanna”, and “Rock the Boat” are still relevant. Of course, there are her classics such as “One In A Million” and “Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number”, but the aforementioned tracks have a sound that can still be mistaken for an artist who created them simply a few years ago instead of a decade. Let’s not get so caught up in the conversations and debates about whether or not she would still be a force in the music industry, but instead pay respects to her music appreciating its ability to stay in our hearts and on our iPods 17 years later.

My Urban Addiction (MUA) pays tribute Aaliyah with a few of some of our favorite videos on our >>>VISUAL THERAPY<<< page.  Please enjoy!

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