The Good Part: Getting Personal

What am I good at? Sure, I can whip some hot marcel irons with my eyes closed, sketch an evening gown or two, and even sing a few notes, but really….what am I good at? Is that the question I am longing to answer or should I be asking myself, ‘what is my passion?’. I know we read and hear stories of the moguls who had their ‘a-ha’ moment and discovered their true passions or even fell into the opportunity that set them up for greatness for the rest of their lives, but what about the journey of this feeling? The feeling when you give yourself the time you complained that you didn’t have before to work on yourself and try to figure out what it is that you want in this life, but a week passes by and you’ve got nothing? Yes, your talents are endless and you breathe creativity, but what good is it when you don’t know where to focus your energy and create something great?

Then there are the distractions, ohhhh the distractions. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just talking about the dealings of everyday life, but when you want so badly to work on you, think about you, and figure your shit out, it seems like everyone else must be thought of first and you can’t help but to consider it all a distraction. So how do you tune that out? You don’t. You can’t.

So then you get pissed and you think of all the posts you see and verses you read about the ‘breakthrough’, but as much as you repost those oh so timely memes and recite your favorite scripture, you can’t help but wonder when its coming and your tried patience begins to feel more like tortuous agony that only you can explain to yourself so there’s no need in venting about it.

Then it comes to you that nothing is easy and if you’re destined to be great, ready to be extraordinary, and feeling its time for your turn to come, this must the hard part. Not practicing your favorite skill over and over or studying the art you want to tackle next, but this….this feeling of the in between.

So here it is, the beginning of the end of the hard part. I don’t know when it will all turn or the very moment my turn comes about, but I do know this feeling is nothing but the push I need to dig even deeper, focus even harder, and pray more often. Its coming… to anyone else who feels this way or remember this journey, not only would I love for you to share, but I would also like to lend a little encouragement and tell you that it’s a good thing. You’re at the hard part, but it’s the good part. Don’t give up.

Tiara W.

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