The Gift that Keeps on Giving….

Find your light

In the darkest sky

And the stars burn

Inside our eyes

Thank you, Vanessa Williams. Welcome, Lion Babe. Some call them neo-soul, others classify them as “sultry”, but here at MUA we just exclaim Lion Babe as an abundance of rhythm and sound collected and integrated from centuries of body-moving and soul-electrifying music. (Oh, we thanked the legendary Vanessa Williams because the vocals of this duo belong to her beautiful, envy-worthy mane toting daughter, Jillian Hervey).

When I first read of Lion Babe in my May 16 No. 369 issue of Elle Magazine, I didn’t feel the need to read the article in its entirety since my indulging senses are awakened by what I hear. (I shall express gratitude properly here…. Thank you, Elle Magazine). I immediately began to obsess and scour the internet to learn more about Lion Babe and with each video, I wanted so badly to close my eyes and bask in the sound, but my sight was so intrigued by Hervey’s reminiscent beauty and effortless star power.

As we all know, everything isn’t for everybody. But for those who close their eyes and minds to what is different, my heart and prayers go out to you. With that said, Lion Babe cultivates an appreciation for true music lovers, those who can recognize and applaud righteously applied Nina Simone samples that bring more life and meaning to the work of an artist. Lion Babe does that and more. If you’re like me, you only read half of this article before fixating like the aficionados you are. If you’re still here, I did you a favor and included some Lion Babe fixes below:

Tiara W.

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