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In a world inundated with the superficial and this sort of augmented reality ironically caused by never-ending social media facades, H.E.R. is exactly what we need.

For an ear accustomed to the sounds of authentic musical flair and arrangements, what more could be asked of an artist other than to deliver that soul-wrenching frequency of vocal ability without the addition of cinematics and costume?

Rumor has it, this enigmatic unicorn is a known R&B singer signed to RCA, but again, what’s the infatuation of needing to see something that sounds so good and moves every part of a true music aficionados spirit? What is it that society needs so bad? Is it a look to compare her talent to, only to flip and degrade her and perhaps diminish her ability because she may not the desirable shade of brown skin, idolized hair texture, or medically enhanced physique? Nope. I don’t need it. The beauty that matters to me lies within the wide-ranging vocal capability over simplistic, yet intellectually arranged compositions. She’s holding true to self while climbing the charts with songs such as “Focus” and “Best Part”.

H.E.R. is everything that a music addict like myself craved but the inner-depths of my soul.