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“It ain’t the picture and it ain’t the camera — its the operator”

Jordan Hoechlinchlin

Some of my favorite creatives are those whose crafts are self-taught, or rather self-enhanced because the creator couldn’t help but elevate their innate ability. No matter what others may say or think, true artistry isn’t something you learn in a classroom. Deep within lies a raw talent, an inevitable inkling to bring nonstop ideas to life and the products and services that manifests from these visions can only come from natural ability. Granted, many of us can take a course or few to pick up various hobbies, but who would you rather trust your promotional or music video with? Someone with a gifted eye for detail or the young woman who learned how to use her Nikon after watching a few YouTube videos?I thought so.

I type all of this to say, Kyle Hammonds is a raw talent. Whether you have a personal conversation with the Cleveland native or read his biography on the Kyle Hammonds website, you’ll learn that videography and cinematography have always lived within him. You’ll get that even more when you watch him work.Better yet, you’ll FEEL it when you watch his work, in all its varieties. From the seamless transitions to the perfect match of audio and visual, Kyle Hammonds continues to create magic with his lens. Not to mention, the relationship he has with his lovely DJI companion (that’s a drone for my readers who aren’t quite up on things..), is nothing short of match-made. I’ll share some intel: it takes a true artist and skilled being to turn the crashing of his drone into a perfectly synced scene transition. And to be even more dramatic, this was a wedding video.

My Urban Addiction is a true fan of Kyle Hammonds Visuals and are excited to not only feature Mr. Hammonds and his company this week but also look forward to seeing all the great things to come!

Instagram: @kylehammondsvisuals

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