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Just in time for Valentine’s Day right???

Nothing says ‘girl power’ like buying  your friend a greeting card that gets the message across while keeping it REAL! I don’t know about you, but I get tired of the same ol “sweet and simple” or “long and dramatic” greeting card messages for various holidays that serve more as an obligation than a heartfelt note. 

How often do we want to give our loved ones and close friends words of advice or pep talks, but in the back of our minds are wondering how to tell him or her ” I love you, but you’re not perfect and shit happens”. Sure, plenty unfiltered human beings have no such issue, but others care too much about “hurting feelings”. Meanwhile, for those of us who embrace our imperfect ways and situations and want to showcase that ITS OK, Emily McDowell has a card for us. Not only are the messages unfiltered memorandums of love and concern, but they also motivate to capture and embody confidence, strength, and self-care. Not only does the Emily McDowell studio include greeting cards, but these messages are also wonderfully crafted on accessories such as keychains, pouches, journals and More! 

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