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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, unless those that imitate you profit immensely from your creativity. Not enough credit is given to designers such as SoniqueSaturday, who is known for her handbag collection of replica designer handbags with phrases such as “YOU FAKE LIKE THIS CHANEL” and “FLEWED OUT” painted on them. Despite having a huge following on social media and celebrity clients, luxury brands such as Gucci, created handbags with designs eerily similar to Sonique’s.

Sonique is a young, black stylist and designer who marriages art with fashion. According to SoniqueSaturday.com, “Sonique is a handbag designer, celebrity stylist, creative director and social media maven, who is forging a career thanks to her fierce and fearless spirit.” In addition to designing handbags, Sonique is an advocate for her peers whose designs have been replicated by larger brands without the deserving credit being paid.

MUA is happy to share the brand SoniqueSaturday during Women’s History Month to not only promote and build support, but to highlight the efforts of female designers and small business owners who are actually paving the way with their originality and creative landscapes.