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Hey everybody! Not only has it been a while since I’ve written a blog post, but it’s also been months since I’ve had the urge to write at all. As you all may remember from my previous personal post, I was in a deep phase of self-reflection. To be honest, I was spiraling. My emotional-mental balance was off, to say the least. What you all don’t know is a few months after that post, I learned that I would be laid off from my job. A blessing in disguise.

Everything happens for a reason

Much of the imbalance I experienced was credited to working in a toxic environment, on top of the pain from losing a friend, on top of feeling like my dreams were far out of reach and that I was settling for less than I had ever envisioned. So, to learn that a portion of what was causing my unhappiness was being removed from my life, well that was the first step in a completely different direction. My path was finally becoming clear.

People often use the cliche “God is preparing you for….” phrase when trying lift you up during what you only see as a hard time. And I know I can get an “AMEN” when I say, we NEVER see it that way. When we’re in the thick of it and our obstacles seem endless, we never see the rainbow on the other side. This was me until my last day on the job. Suddenly, I felt calm. Sure, I had no idea what my financial situation would look like as I didn’t have another job lined up, my former employer screwed up the timing of my severance pay, and I had to wait even longer for unemployment to kick in. Regardless, I was not panicked. I prayed and prayed and for the first time in a long time, actually practiced my faith in God by simply waiting and giving it all to him.

There were ups and downs all summer, sure. More ups than downs as I was able to spend so much time with our children and families and really took my time applying for my next job. I kept telling myself, “my next move HAS to be my best move”. I wasn’t settling for anything less than that. So I continued on, working small jobs such as delivering groceries and spending my free time sharpening up on my digital media skills through freelance work.

My Season

Then, Fall came. Anyone who knows me knows that Fall is my favorite season. Everything about Fall brings me so much joy from the beautiful foliage to the excuse to shop endlessly for boots and sweaters.

What I didn’t realize was that my favorite season was going to be My Season.

Things were falling into place right on time. Some might think otherwise when realizing that your savings made it all the way to October before depletion, but still, I couldn’t panic. I wouldn’t allow myself to get to a place emotionally or mentally where I would feel anything similar to what I experienced during the Spring.

I was laid off for four months and only interviewed twice. Once in the summer for a company I quickly knew and felt was not a great fit for me and then once more during the Fall.

Mid-October I interviewed for a job I felt was too good to be true. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop throughout the entire process. I mean, typically that’s what happens. I’ve been searching for that golden opportunity since I graduated from Howard University and something always fell short.

It was all a Dream.

But then it happened…..finally. Patience, dedication and hard work had finally paid off. An invaluable birthday gift of professional resume writing also had A LOT to do with things panning out the way they did. By the end of October, I had begun working in a role I desired, at an organization I desired, in a geographical area I desired, with a work schedule and salary I desired. It all came together. Without immediately recognizing it, I had landed my dream job.

I write all that to say: I am back y’all! My level of happiness, positivity, and gratitude is higher than I’ve ever felt before. I wake up during the week looking forward to work because it doesn’t feel like that. We hear and read all the time that when you get to do what you’re passionate about, it doesn’t feel like a job. I am beyond blessed to say I know what that feels like. There’s only elevation from here. I hope that my writing and opening up can be an inspiration to others who have felt like the doors were never going to open. Just keep going, Keep praying, keep believing, and definitely keep working on YOU.