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About Us

If you have a compulsive need or desire to discover creative beings that have the ability to change this artistic universe… Congratulations! You’re home!

My Urban Addiction strives to introduce you to an artistic, spellbinding recollection, and diary of those individuals on the chase.  We are on a relentless scavenger hunt for that new, hungry individual who lives for their dreams… who bleeds those same colors of their urban trajectories.

Because it is sometimes not enough to hear or see an artist’s final project, the leaders of this site have developed a method to instead focus on those intriguing, narrow roads our generation’s artists are travelling.  Every venture has a story, and we believe that story should be told; it should be beautifully exposed.  This site is dedicated to revealing those influences that forces the creative eye to peel open every morning.  It is our privilege to divulge those individuals who have obsessed, indulged, and overdosed within their creative realm.

Welcome to! A site dedicated to scrapbooking the thoughts and chronicling the journey of those bold enough to travel on this winding highway that leads to success. Enjoy your backstage pass to new and not-so-new, relevant artists!
Obsess.  Indulge.  Overdose.