This is….KWABS

Lord knows, you ain’t seen enough of me Why did I fall asleep, on a love so deep? It’s no surprise that this talented man with a powerhouse voice has a background in Jazz. What does come as a surprise… Continue Reading

Hurricane Relief BLOG-A-THON!!!

HOW IT WORKS: 1. Be a Contributor: Becoming a contributing writer and submit one or more blog posts, relevant to the content and vision of My Urban Addiction. All submissions will be thoroughly reviewed by MUA’s Editor-in-Chief for relevance and… Continue Reading

Bloggers WANTED!!

It’s more than just a blog…. Ride this wave with us as continues to grow. BIG changes are coming and we need enthusiastic and passionate writers with fresh ideas, willing to build with us! If interested, please visit leave a… Continue Reading

The Good Part: Getting Personal

What am I good at? Sure, I can whip some hot marcel irons with my eyes closed, sketch an evening gown or two, and even sing a few notes, but really….what am I good at? Is that the question I… Continue Reading